Court Construction and Maintenance

We source and procure all court materials, and run with the end-to-end construction process ensuring that Padel Tennis play is possible from day one.

Court Construction

We source and procure all court materials and, run with the project from beginning to end, ensuring that the project stays within budget and deadline.

What we do

Our installation team have been trained, and are supported by highly experienced construction and installation experts from around the world. Our full-service team includes builders, electrical and civil engineers.

We are flexible though, we can coordinate with your contractors should you already have service providers in place.

Padel or Paddel Court dimensions - PadelLab

Padel court construction considerations

  • We will conduct a full inspection of the area you have available and ensure that it is large enough to build a padel tennis court, or a few.
  • Padel courts are 20 meters long and 10 meters wide for doubles. Single courts are the same length but only 6 meters wide.
  • These measurements are usually the minimum for doubles courts; however, we recommend that you allow for more space around the court
  • Additional space around the court can also contribute to a better gaming experience

It is essential to have a high ceiling as the lob is perhaps the most critical shot in padel tennis. No one wants to lose a point because their lob touches the ceiling.

What should a padel court height be?

  • A padel court can be built outdoors without considering the ceiling height. Indoors, ceiling height of at least 7 meters is a guideline, but 8 meters is even better.
  • As padel evolves, more skilled players with greater demands will prefer courts with higher ceilings.

It needs to be a perfectly leveled surface. This is essential for playing padel. It cannot be sloping.

What type of foundation do you use for padel courts?

  • Padel court supplier recommendations vary slightly, but you should strive to use a 10 cm-thick concrete surface without pits or elevations.
  • If you are going to build a padel court outdoors you can install quick-dry asphalt, which will help your court dry faster when it is raining.

We can help you decide which top layer surface you will use for the court. You have a range of options, each with pros and cons.

Which kind of artificial grass do padel courts use?

  • The synthetic turf on padel courts is specifically designed to withstand heavy wear due to the frequent usage combined with a relatively small surface area.

Timeline for a Typical Court Construction

Court Construction Timeline

Court Maintenance

Maintenance depends on the type of court you have, and as such, varies from court to court.

What maintenance is necessary for a padel court?

A general rule of thumb is to clean and inspect glass walls once a month, sweep the court surface once a week, and service the artificial turf once a year. Sand also need to be topped up from time to time in order to protect and ensure the turf remain in tact.

Maintenance on newly installed padel turf

Sand-filled artificial grass in a Padel Court is easy to maintain. In order to optimize the game features and also to obtain longevity and durability , a few points needs to be considered:

If there is a lack of care, the silica sand will harden over time. A hardened surface not only affects the quality of the game but also prevents the rainwater running out. It is very important to ensure the surface area is brushed regularly.

That’s why we’re here, to ensure your court stays in tip top condition!

Financing Padel Court Options

We offer different financing options for you.

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Padel Tennis (or padel) combines elements of tennis, squash and badminton with the rules broadly the same as tennis though the walls are used as part of the game and the ball is allowed to bounce off them like with squash.

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